Company Timeline

The Beginning of Blue Line Containers
In 2004 Carlos Mendez opened Blue Line Equipment with the goal of providing fair and competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service. Carlos worked in the container industry for many years before the opening of BLE before deciding to start his own business and growing BLE to one of the largest containers suppliers in Florida.
Containers Modifications Service Begins
With a high demand for modifications such as doors, windows and electrical work BLE wanted to be customers one stop shop for the purchasing and modification of containers. Once again BLE wanted to offer the best pricing and customer service and decided to start its own modification department as opposed to outsourcing these services. With 1000’s of modifications under BLEs belt, there isn’t much we can’t do to suit your needs.
Delivery Fleet Grows To Insure The Best Customer Service
At one point outsourcing all delivery, due to great success and growth BLE was able to purchase the first of our 4 ground level delivery trucks and a massive container forklift. Once again BLE goal was to eliminate any outsourcing to insure the best customer service and pricing for all of our customers.
First Government and Military Contract Secured
BLE secured our first government and military contract. Since then BLE as supplied and participated in many government and military jobs.
Orlando Office Opens
With an over 80% market share of Miami, BLE next logical move was to move up the state of Florida. The opening of the Orlando office was a major investment and choice. Since then the Orlando office has secured contracts with local farmers, Hilton Orlando and UPS.