Refridgerated – 20′ x 8’6″ (Reefer)
Ext. Int. Ext. Int. Ext. Int. Ext. Int.
19’10 ½” 18”8’6” 7’4 ½”8’0” 7’4”7’4 ½”7’4″

Tare Weight in pounds Payload in poundsGross Weight in pounds Cubic Capacity in cubic feet
6,44046,47052,910995 – 1,166

One Trip Containers:

One trip containers are manufactured overseas; mainly in Asia and are shipped with a single container cargo load. Once the container reaches its destination they are often available for sale. These containers are an excellent choice because they have not spent time deteriorating on the ocean or in a container depot / terminals. one trip containers have not been handled as many time so they do not have dents, dings and surface rust like the used “AS IS” containers. Most consider these containers and often refer to them as “new” or in “like new” condition. Keep in mind that these containers have made one trip across the ocean and have been handled by container lifts and trucks so they often have a few scratches and a possible ding or two. One trip containers are available worldwide in most port locations. I would strongly consider choosing a one trip container if you do not want to deal with maintenance and esthetics of used containers.

Used Cargo Worthy Containers:

Cargo worthy containers are suitable for ocean going transport of cargo. Regardless if you plan to ship your container or not, a surveyed container will insure that you will not receive a damaged unit. If your needs require shipping a container you must select a surveyed cargo worthy container. Cargo worthy inspection criteria is based on condition of the doors, floor, walls and ceiling. Structural integrity is also a major factor when it comes to certification of shipping containers.

On Site Container Delivery and Installation

It is very important to confirm that it is possible to deliver the size of container ordered to your location. We will deliver the container in a “tilt bed” roll-off style truck or trailer. The smaller trucks that typically deliver 10′ and 20′ units resemble medium sized flat-bed tow trucks. These trucks have fixed axles and very in terms of maneuverability but as a general rule of thumb these trucks typically require 60 ft. in a straight line to back, or pull into the area you need the container. After the truck pulls into the location of desire, the driver will then lift the front end of the bed and pull straight forward until the container slides off the truck and onto the ground.Most small businesses, contractors and residential users choose 20′ containers since they provide access, take up less space and do not require as much room for delivery as the 40′ containers. 40′ models provide almost three times as much storage space but also require three times as much space to deliver. It is also important to check with your city or county to make sure there is not a container size restriction in your area.

Used “WWT” (Wind and Water Tight) containers:

WWT are used as shipping containers for years then retired by shipping or leasing companies. WWT storage containers are available for sale in every major metropolitan and port location around the world. Storage and Shipping containers are often categorized as “A grade”, “cargo worthy” or WWT (wind and water tight). You must understand that most used containers have surface rust where they are scratched and are often labeled in various colors. Used containers in this category are the most popular choice due to the inherent value associated with the abundant supply of these containers.

Container modifications:

  • Exterior Paint
  • Interior Paint
  • Turbine Vent
  • Lock Box
  • Roll up door
  • 36” by 80” Walk through door
  • Custom Frame/ Door using container side
  • Windows
  • Security Bars
  • Sliding Doors
  • AC units (side or roof mount)
  • Partitions
  • Plan tables
  • Skylights
  • Roof Seal
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Custom sized containers
  • Exhaust fans
  • Lighting
  • Electrical Packages
  • Side Vents
  • Area cut outs for Prefab housing
  • Shelving Brackets
  • Tack room applications
  • Framing / Insulation
  • Cargo doors